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Metonym Literary Journal, a publication from the undergraduate English students of William Jessup University, has published its ninth volume, full of gorgeous poems, prose and full-color artwork. I'm truly honored to be featured in this beautiful collection, with a creative nonfiction piece titled Numb to the Cold." But back to the journal itself, the students have done a remarkable job with it. Honestly. Awesome work!  
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According to Their Kinds by Abigail Anklam
At the Atlanta Aquarium, courtesy of Benjamin James
Happy one-year anniversary to According to Their Kinds. 
In the past year, it's found its way from Maryland to California, and plenty of places in between. All my love to the dazzling readers who made it happen.
According to their Kinds by Abigail Anklam
In Orlando, Florida. Courtesy of Brannon Tison.
<![CDATA[Inktober: Catalina Monsters]]>Fri, 02 Nov 2018 03:37:28 GMThttp://abigailanklam.com/news/inktober-catalina-monstersInktober 2018 is over. Here is the last batch of drawings, some of the Sonoran Desert's more dangerous creatures in honor of Halloween. I've enjoyed the challenge of drawing something new every day.
1. Gila monster
2. Arizona desert tarantula
3. Western diamondback rattlesnakes
4. Bobcat
5. Tarantula hawk
​6. Bark scorpion
<![CDATA[Inktober: Round 4]]>Thu, 25 Oct 2018 18:07:27 GMThttp://abigailanklam.com/news/inktober-round-4The critters in Grandma's neighborhood.
1. roadrunner
2. javelina
3. yellow-footed tortoise 
4. phainopepla
5. bighorn sheep

(The yellow-footed tortoise is not native to the Sonoran Desert, but that didn't stop one from wandering through the neighborhood.)
<![CDATA[Inktober: Part 3]]>Sun, 21 Oct 2018 05:10:25 GMThttp://abigailanklam.com/news/inktober-part-3The critters in Grandma's yard.
1) Harris's antelope ground squirrel
2) zebra-tailed lizard
3) Arizona myotis
4) desert cottontail
5) packrat (aka desert woodrat)
6) Merriam's kangaroo rat